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Weekend Shows
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                    MICHIANA MIX
Every Friday & Late Saturday Night we get you HYPED for the weekend with "The Michiana Mix" we take you into the weekend by mixing your favorite songs on the station. 

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                       POP 2K WITH DAX
Pop 2K with Dax is The #1 Radio Show for 2000's Music. Each week the show features all the hits of the 2000's & early 2010's playing 4 hours NONSTOP EVERY Saturday Morning 6a-10a & Sunday Night 8p-12a Only On Y100 Michiana.

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                         TRENDING NOW SATURDAY NITE
"Trending Now Saturday Nite" is YOUR official Saturday night soundtrack playing 5 hours of the biggest & trending new songs with your request mixed in along with Trending Mix's every HOUR! Listen to our uniquely interactive radio show EVERY Saturday Night 7p-12a on Y100 Michiana!

                       THE MICHIANA TOP 20 COUNTDOWN
Welcome to the all NEW "Michiana Top 20 Countdown" exclusively on Y100 Michiana. This countdown features a FULL HOUR of 'Today's Best Hits' based on the number of play's our station. Tune in the "Michiana Top 20 Countdown" Every Sunday at 4pm Only On Y100 Michiana.

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What's Happening
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                         TIKTOK ON-AIR
"TikTok On-Air" is a show like no other airing exclusively on Y100 Michiana. Every Sunday Morning we play FOUR hours of the biggest & newest hits from TikTok. There is no doubt that "TikTok On-Air" is the official radio show of pop culture.

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